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Pest Control Services Newport News, VA

Serving Yorktown, Hampton, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, VA and Surrounding Areas

Termites in need of pest control services in the Newport News, VA

Pest Control Services Newport News, VA

We offer building interior, building exterior, crawlspace and yard treatments. With many options to choose from, E & R Exterminating can customize a control and prevention program to suit your pest control services need.


E & R Exterminating installs double faced R-19 insulation into your crawlspace to reduce heating and cooling expenses. Vented crawlspaces require insulating the floor from below, along with water pipes or ducts. For unvented spaces, the process involves insulating the exterior foundation walls as well.

Fungus Treatments

Wood destroying fungus growing on the wood in your crawlspace can cause major damage. E & R Exterminating provides wood borate treatments to properly protect the understructure of your home.

Exclusive Heat Treatment Process (Bed Bugs)

The most common class of chemicals used to treat bed bugs are pyrethroids. Bed bug populations in the United States are known to be resistant to pyrethroids, therefore no single insecticide is capable of eliminating a bed bug infestation if used alone. Research has proven bed bugs will die when exposed to temperatures exceeding 113 degrees. E & R Exterminating is the only company in the Tidewater region using whole room/ house heat treatment to kill bed bugs and their eggs. We will bring specially designed heaters into the home and heat all surfaces to temperatures exceeding 120 degrees. The heat penetrates into mattresses, box springs and wall voids killing all bed bugs and their eggs in one treatment. Our exclusive process eliminates the need to dispose of furniture saving you money. The best thing about our heat treatment process is that all bed bugs and their eggs are eliminated in just one treatment. With liquid pesticide treatment three or more treatments are required and there is still no guarantee that will control the infestation. E & R Exterminating offers the best guarantee in the business.
Bed Bug Specialists
  • Exclusive Heat Treatment Process
  • Guaranteed Elimination With One Treatment
  • No Need To Dispose Of Bedding

Termite Control & Protection

E & R Exterminating offers a wide variety of options for termite control, including the Sentricon Colony Elimination System, liquid treatments, and borate treatments. Rest assured with any treatment option you choose, your property will be completely protected with a team like E & R Exterminating.
We're ready for the next termite invasion.
Often, we've seen new termite activity on Sentricon System monitoring devices after a long period of no activity. Because we were monitoring the system on a regular basis, these new invasions were stopped early, before damage was done. Let us protect your home from costly termite damage. We'll continue to monitor regularly and update you on what we find. IF you have any questions about our service plan, please call us.
Sentricon Colony Elimination System — pest control in Newport News, VA
it's the only termite protection your house will ever need.™

With the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System installed on your property, you can relax. You have long-term protection from subterranean termites, even if a new colony moves in.
Keep your termite security system on high alert.
You live in termite country, and new termite colonies can invade your property at any time. Count on the Sentricon System to protect your home from the constant threat of termite attacks. Our ongoing monitoring service, with trained professionals and computerized tools, detects and stops new attacks. Think of it as a security system against termites.
Sentricon System — pest control in Newport News, VA
"We had a liquid barrier put in four times, but termites kept coming back and destroying our house. Thank goodness, the Sentricon System got rid of them. There haven't been any hits in quite a while, but my neighbors have termites and I could get hits from their property. I will definitely continue the ongoing service in case they show up again."
— Denise Gerhart
Hutchinson, Kansas

Structural Repairs

E & R Exterminating has licensed carpenters on staff specializing in under-structure repairs, such as joists, sills, and sub-flooring. We can handle any job from minor exterior trim repair to major under-structural damage restoration. Please call for your free estimate.